Helping Improve 

  Health of All Filipinos

About PHBio

The Public Health Biology Laboratory (PHBio) conducts biological research activities
that focus on the diagnosis, control, and prevention of diseases affecting Filipinos. 

disease epidemiology

We provide baseline and updated epidemiological data on neglected tropical diseases and rare genetic disorders to inform health program managers and policy makers.

non-invasive biomarkers

We examine morphological and molecular signatures that can be developed as non-invasive biomarkers for detecting diseases in the early stages, predicting treatment response, and prognosticating disease outcomes. 

environmental conditions

We investigate interactions among hosts, pathogens, and the environment to formulate public health strategies in partnership with local officials and health authorities.

Our goal is to help improve the health of all Filipinos through the translation
of laboratory-derived evidence and tools into public health applications

Institute of Biology, College of Science

University of the Philippines Diliman

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